How "The 3 C's" for Developing Learning Help You

Instructional Design for Learning Development

Successful teams depend on a company's ability to streamline and teach their best practices, detailed business processes, and provide the "Know-How" for performing work well.

Instructional Design helps you rapidly develop learning. With Positive Results Instructional Design and Learning services you receive instructionally stable content, which is relevant and helps the company and your team members reach their goals while not compromising speed to delivery.

Our team of experts builds learning for small to mid-size companies like yours. You may not have a Learning Team or may need to augment the skills of your existing team. Our expertise in Instructional Design, Adult Learning, and Modern Learning Concepts helps you meet your organization's learning goals.

Learning Development Insights

Join other like-minded professionals that are in search of Organizational Performance ideas. We release regular Best Practices, How To's, Modern Learning Principles, and Education to help your organization grow in knowledge-sharing and raise the mark for human performance.

How Does Instructional Design Help Me?


Your team, customers, and vendors are able to access information quickly, easily and efficiently to help them rapidly learn. Implementing Instructional Design (ID) streamlines information and puts the most relevant data front and center.


Learning is not a passive process. You have to determine how you want to engage learners. Instructional Design chooses the right type of engagement for Instructor Led, eLearning, and blended learning. Learning Development is the process of building the engagements.


Learning must positively influence your bottom-line. The learning experiences you provide in your company are for the purpose of helping each person be more knowledgeable and efficient. This mindset helps your company reduce mistakes and expenses, meet your firm's strategic objectives, and positively impact profits.

My organization has utilized Positive Results for nearly nine years, and the work of Positive Results has greatly contributed to its success. Their team has developed over 60 courses in this time. Our client deliverables are often in the form of live and online training. It has been great to have a team of experts with abilities to deliver multiple learning solutions.

J. Mackert

Instructional Design and Learning Development Process



Assess the business need and scope of the learning topic for your business to ensure company readiness and value of content.


Evaluate the audience, business goals and objectives, and needs of the specific course to determine proper delivery format.



Create a high-level framework also known as a curriculum outline detailing your course topics and objectives.


Build your training materials and documents for Instructor Led, eLearning or virtual training to be used with training participants.



Deploy your training to the learner based on the design and development of the course as specified during the Analyze phase.


Assess how well the learning is helping your company meet the objectives you defined for the course.

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