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Learning Development

Learning Experiences and Knowledge Sharing Propels Your Team to Greater Success

Your team has spent years building a business. Now is the time to take all of that learned knowledge and turn it into employee, client, or vendor training.

Capitalizing on training opportunities ensures people know what to do, how to do it, and delivers scale-able outcomes.

Cloud Services

Customized Cloud Productivity Tools Simplify Each Team Member's Daily Work

Teams like yours rely on processes and systems to do their jobs and service clients. It is easier than ever to have software systems match your business process.

Making the proper selection based on price and benefits to your firm can be challenging without guidance.

Tasked with building training for your company? Use the Training Development Analyzer project plan.

Use our Training Development Analyzer (TDA) to get a detailed report with insights into:

  • Time needed to build the type of training you require
  • Best practices to speed up development time
  • Tips for collecting valuable data from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • And more

Training Development and Instructional Design Services

Virtual Learning Today

Virtual Learning

Connecting your team with virtual learning experiences helps them maintain relevant knowledge.
Whether you're needing to train team members, inform customers, or raise the knowledge of your suppliers, modern-built virtual learning content and tools deliver learning at lower costs without a loss in quality.


Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Classroom training is a key component for many firms like yours because it provides a distraction-free learning experience.
Your ability to deliver role-plays, quizzes and activities makes your training engaging.


eLearning Development

Providing learners with 24/7 access to learning gives them and your organization a leg-up on the competition.
You can drive 78% higher performance through teaching process consistently.
eLearning makes this opportunity available on-demand and from any location.


Professional Team of Instructional Designers

Rest assured you will gain access to the most professional and conscientious group of Instructional Designers.
Our learning team also boasts years of business consulting which can help you work through the toughest of business challenges.


Return on Training Investment (RTI)

Predicting the value of the training your company delivers is made easier through planning the goals and performance improvements of your initiatives.
You can quantify your results and measure improvement with simple planning tools provided by Positive Results.


Speed to Market

Your company can deliver training faster when you rapidly develop learning experiences which are relevant, timely, and available.

Develop High Impact MicroLearning (Webinar)

April 30, 2022 - 1:00PM EST

Develop High Impact MicroLearning

This high powered Webinar will show you some of the modern methods for creating MicroLearning for your organization.

MicroLearning is conducted in 10-minute or less intervals. These shorter learning opportunities are becoming more important than ever as YouTube and other video platforms are providing focused learning experiences in quick to learn sessions.

In this session you will learn:

  • What is MicroLearning and how it can help your business
  • Low cost tools for developing MicroLearning
  • The value of developing a fast outline before building your training
  • Best practices for MicroLearning
  • Simple deployment strategies you can use immediately
  • Increase effectiveness of learning experiences by 47% with MicroLearning strategies

Free Resources

  • Fast Outline Methodology
  • Low cost MicroLearning Development Tools

Customized Cloud Productivity Services

Cloud Vendor Services

You get years of experience behind you when trying to choose the best cloud solution based on its value for your company.

Process Design

Clearly defined business processes ensure your software solutions meet the needs of an ever demanding workforce.

Innovative Ideas

A team of experts who understand cloud software to maximize its potential and help you achieve amazing results.

Configuration Management

Time is money. Having a system configured based on your company's needs saves you time and boosts user performance.

Automated Workflows

Automation reduces the quantity of mundane tasks your team performs, which frees up more time for money-making activities.

Unified Communication

The cloud helps your team stay in real-time communication with each other and customers.

Thought Leadership

Assembling and managing the right team to support your vision breaks down barriers to deliver the best solutions with confidence.

Team Collaboration

Collaboration drives your teams performance and boosts the productivity, creativity and quality of your company's work.

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