Zoho CRM Quick Start Terms of Service

Overview and Format

Positive Results delivers its "Quick Start" program via online meetings. All meetings are conducted online unless previously agreed upon, in writing with the client.

Duration of Services

Positive Results conducts a series of meetings. These meetings range from one to four hours. Positive Results team will perform additional work outside of direct client communication for the purpose of generating the final report delivered to the Client.


Positive Results maintains strict confidentiality guidelines. No information gathered during or after meetings with client shall be shared with any entity other than those team members with or affiliated with Positive Results for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of you "the Client".


Positive Results records all meetings with your organization. You agree on behalf of yourself and others in your company to the recording of these meetings. All meeting recordings are for the sole purpose of Positive Results use. Positive Results will not share recordings with anyone outside its direct team or affiliated partners for the purpose of completing the work for the Client. Recordings are stored in a secured digital vault.


Positive Results delivers a report to the client which outlines their requirements for configuration and customization of Zoho applications. Positive Results does not guarantee or provide any warranty of the information provided to the client beyond the clients agreement that the information provided is an accurate representation of their requirements based on meetings conducted between the Client and Positive Results.

Client Responsibilities

Client agrees to be available for meetings for the purpose of gathering information and requirements around the solution they seek to engage Positive Results. The Quick Start program should be completed within a two to three week period of time and  reasonable efforts should be made by the Client to ensure we are able to meet these deadlines.

Partner of Record

You agree to make Positive Results the partner of record in your Zoho application. This does not limit you from changing the partner of record but allows Positive Results to notify Zoho that we are working with you, "the Client". We are compensated by Zoho as Partner of record in the form of sharing a portion of the revenue received by Zoho Corp.


Positive Results charges a fee for the Quick Start program. The is fee is paid online with a credit card unless other arrangements have been made between the Client and Positive Results. Fees are paid with 50% up-front and the remaining 50% due prior to the deliver of the final report. Fees are not waived for any reason.


Your completion of the payment form constitutes the agreement and acceptance of the terms outlined above.

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