Rapid eLearning Design with Powerpoint

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Rapid eLearning Design with Powerpoint

Matt Archer

July 6, 2021

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eLearning Simplified

Microsoft Powerpoint® sometimes gets a bad rap in the eLearning community because people often use it to create low quality, boring presentations riddled with bullet points. However, Powerpoint is actually a powerful tool for rapidly designing simpler, high quality eLearning content that’s interesting, and engaging. This makes it an attractive option for a DIYer or small business on a budget.

Put the “Power” in Powerpoint

Powerpoint logoWhile Powerpoint doesn’t have the same capability as a dedicated eLearning design tool, it does boast a variety of useful features.

For those unaware, Powerpoint allows you to create your own presentation content in the form of slides. Microsoft provides templates to help you save time. Add text, pictures, audio, and video content to slides to create a unique and interesting presentation. Add animations and transitions to slides to spice things up. Use the commenting feature to collaborate and make updates to content.

While these basic features are well-known, below are some more that get overlooked and underused in eLearning design.

Slide Master Layouts

  • Create templates for frequently used content to save time
  • Mix and match slides to keep the presentation interesting

Record Audio and Video

  • Use Powerpoint to record your narration without requiring another tool
  • Record your webcam to create a more personalized presentation
  • Take advantage of Slide Notes to write down what you’ll say ahead of time

Smart Art

  • Powerpoint’s built-in quick creation tool for graphically sharing information
  • Quickly create lists, charts, pictures, processes and more

Get Even More Power

Powerpoint can do a pretty serviceable job by itself for quick, simple eLearning design. But if you require features such as completion tracking, quiz design, and more robust video/audio editing, then the following add-ons are worth considering.

Articulate Studio 360

Articulate 360 Logo - powerpoint addonA powerful add-on tool, Articulate Studio 360 fills in many of Powerpoint’s shortcomings when it comes to eLearning design.

  • With the Studio 360 audio editor tool, you can record narration, remove unwanted segments, and sync animations to your narration.
  • Studio 360 has a full publishing feature set, allowing you to adjust the look and feel of the slide presenter and menu, add resource links, and create outputs in SCORM and TINCAN formats.
  • Easily upload your eLearning to Articulate’s Review 360 site so you can see what the finished product looks like before committing to publish. Make comments and see previous versions to ensure you’ve made all the changes you need.

Adobe Presenter

Adobe presenter logo - powerpoint addonAnother add-on for Powerpoint that comes with a solid feature set to help you design more in-depth eLearning content.

  • Create interactivity using Presenter’s built-in quiz creator tool.
  • Take advantage of slide branching to allow learners to go down certain pre-designed paths dependent on their choices.
  • Import and edit HD video from right inside the application.

Final Thoughts

Positive Results™ is a training design and cloud services company that specializes in helping organizations by analyzing their business process and providing solutions to solve for any gaps we find.

We often utilize Powerpoint to rapidly develop eLearning content for clients because of its ease of use and strong feature set. For a DIYer on a budget or a small business that needs training created quickly, don’t overlook the Power of Powerpoint.


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