Personal but not In-Person

Personal but not in-person – Can eLearning be as effective classroom training?


August 19, 2020

Today’s learning environment is shifting rapidly. With technology and the internet becoming more readily adapted into daily life due to challenges of modern day life, it’s more important than ever to find ways to utilize online learning to continue to help companies grow and stay effective.

Online training isn’t that new, but it has been brought to the forefront in 2020. Is the infrastructure of current online training and teaching methodologies enough to be able to help businesses meet their goals?

While Online Training can never match the physicality of being at a live training, surrounded by other students and led by an instructor, it can still bring a lot of personal connectivity and personality to the learning experience.

Since each learner is different in how they best comprehend and apply training, it can be difficult to determine whether virtual training can be as effective as in-person training in all cases, but can it accomplish the goals of most training in competent manner?

Below are some of the substantial benefits that online learning can bring to the table to help keep pace or possibly exceed traditional, in-person training.

  1. Convenience
  2. Interactivity
  3. Flexibility

In the full article, we perform a deeper dive into these benefits and also provide an analysis of some of the drawbacks of online learned compared to in-person training. Finally, we review some questions around whether online learning would be a good fit for your business.

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