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The Perfect Tool For Imperfect Times – How the COVID-19 Pandemic has shed light on why eLearning is such an important asset


August 19, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many flaws and issues within myriad of operational systems, in particular large swathes of companies and businesses, as well as the economy as a whole.

As most of the world has been dealing with “the new normal” presented by the pandemic, which includes social distancing and very few, if any, members of the workforce allowed to work from traditional brick and mortar locations, businesses everywhere are trying to handle drastically different situations such as how to efficiently manage largely remote workforces and the inability to meet or work in-person.

Some businesses were not prepared to handle such a drastic shift and have struggled as some areas of the world begin to re-open. Lack of cohesive remote working options and training for those positions under very different circumstances was just not something that most companies had a contingency plan in place for.

This is an area where eLearning is strongly positioned to help. Through the deployment of training courses, created with the learner’s unique situations in mind, that can be taken remotely and fit into their schedule, eLearning fits the exact use case so many companies have found themselves in.

eLearning is a very valuable asset for companies to be able to utilize to help train in many different use cases, including the one that is unfolding in today’s society. Below are some key points that illustrate the benefits eLearning can provide to companies both now and for the future.

  1. Fills a Need
  2. Provides a Back-up Plan
  3. Future Proofing
  4. Lowers Dependency

In the full article we examine each of these benefits in detail and provide some brainstorm questions to help your company understand how to effectively deploy eLearning and/or virtual training during this challenging period in human history.

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