how to guide to writing case studies

How To Guide for Writing Case Studies


August 19, 2020

Case Studies are a powerful method to showcase real issues that companies or individuals experienced, potential solutions to the issue and the end result of what the company or individual decided to do. These real life examples can help other companies and individuals make better decisions about their own path if they are dealing with similar issues in their space.

What is a Case Study?

A case study is a descriptive, exploratory or explanatory document that analyzes a person, object, event, situation, or idea.   Case studies are written in different industries for different purposes. Often a case study is written to provide an example of a situation that occurred and how it was dealt with in order to help people who read it have a better understanding to make better decisions in the future.

Why are Case Studies important in Learning courses?

Case Studies provide a potential to solution to problems one may encounter. This allows the reader, who may be encountering a similar problem, to find new ways to resolve their issue. Learning and Training is so focused on becoming more efficient, saving money and accomplishing goals in better ways. To be able to learn from the successes and failures of those who have been in similar situations allows you to greatly increase your own business' success rate in these crucial areas.

How can you write better case studies for your learning courses?

Educational or Learning Case Studies are a type of problem-based teaching where a situation or challenge is presented along with a resolution or various resolution options. The case study document will include information about the situation, background information, challenges highlighted, data presented, and solutions evaluated.

Two primary objectives to keep in mind when creating educational case studies are:

  1. Determine your Learning Goal
  2. Capture the relevant information

For a deeper dive into building case studies for learning courses, please refer our full How to Guide for Writing Case Studies.

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