7 ways to keep learning simple and keep users interested

7 ways to keep eLearning simple and keep users interested


August 19, 2020

Training is a very important function in helping businesses to function smoothly and efficiently. More and more industries are turning to eLearning and Instructor-Led training to accomplish these goals. But not all training is created equally. Many people have suffered through very dry and boring material that impacted their ability to retain and use that material in their work and lives. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Below are 7 tips we’ve compiled to help keep learning simple and interesting while still conforming to the requirements of business and meeting the desired outcomes of the training. If you ever wondered how you could make your training leaner and more effective, these tips should help.

  1. Stay laser focused
  2. Give people a reason to be passionate about the training
  3. Provide feedback and rewards for doing well
  4. Add some Fun elements to spice up dry content
  5. Streamline extraneous content
  6. Appeal to your audience
  7. Less is more

In the full article, we review these best practices and tips in more detail to keep things interesting and engaging while avoiding the pitfalls that lead to boring, underwhelming content and delivery, which we call The “No” Zone.

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