7 reasons why interactivity within your training is essential to getting engagement from learners

7 Reasons Why Interactive Training is Essential to Increase Learner Engagement


August 19, 2020

Interactivity in Training is not a new topic, but it has come more to the forefront recently as trends such as Micro-Learning and Gamification have become more popular and demands are increasing to provide more benefits (such as increased ROI, higher grades) in less time.

Making a training interactive can come in many forms, but it usually refers to adding elements into the training that require or encourage the learner to do something in order to progress further into the training. Perhaps they need to answer some questions, click on a specific part of a webpage or drag and drop items to solve a puzzle. All of these items require the learner to interact with the training to accomplish something.

There are many benefits to adding interactivity to your training, but below are the 7 reasons we at Positive Results™ believe really encapsulate why interactive training has now become essential to driving engagement from your audience.

  1. Increases Involvement
  2. Tailors Approach to Individual Learners
  3. Helps Younger Learners
  4. Provides Immediate Feedback
  5. Improves Retention
  6. Builds Community
  7. Stimulates Growth

Creating interactive training can lead to so many benefits such as driving engagement and increase buy-in from your audience. In the full article, we examine each of these benefits in more detail and challenge you to think about how interactivity could help your own training and business.

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