Zoho Focuses on Business Challenges

Title - Zoho's focus on business challenges

Zoho Focuses on Business Challenges

Matt Archer

December 1, 2020

Zoho focuses on business challenges quote

What is Zoho?

What is Zoho CRMZoho is an award-winning cloud-based solutions company that contains applications such as CRM, Finance, Help Desk, Chat, Project Management, Custom App Development and many more.

Zoho sets itself apart from other CRM solutions in its space because Zoho has made it one of their missions to put the customer first. Now most businesses would say the same, but Zoho actually has taken steps to show where they are focusing on their customers.

For example, “Zoho doesn't use public cloud services. To live up to their data privacy customer pledge, they manage all customer data in their own data centers.”[1] This is only one part of Zoho’s commitment to customers. Zoho is a private company that isn’t held to the fire by shareholders, and they do not allow third party cookies on any of their sites.[2] As Vegesna (Zoho CEO) says, “At Zoho, we are taking a stance. We are not going to let surveillance companies track users on our property.”[3]

With data privacy so top of mind during the current times, Zoho has taken steps to ensure what happens in Zoho stays in Zoho. With so many important and private data points often being collected about clients and internal business operations, this is a key differentiator from its competitors that may be beholden to shareholders or partnered with third-party companies that may share in some or all of its database.

Why choose Zoho?

Zoho is customer-focused, especially compared to other CRM solutions. Publicly traded companies have to appease shareholders, but Zoho is a private company. If your company only wanted to sign up for Zoho, they would still be able to get a robust solution suite that often covers everything an SMB needs in the cloud space.

Data security is of utmost importance in today’s society, as the Covid-19 pandemic has drastically shifted business from brick and mortar buildings into the cloud. Moreso than ever, it’s important to be able to manage your business online in a safe, secure environment.

Zoho wants to help SMBs by providing an affordable application suite that focuses on privacy, security, ease of use and affordability. Zoho is attempting to lead the way in the cloud services industry to protect user data within their enclosed app space. Their focus on developing a one-stop-shop for all business needs in the cloud makes this a realistic goal.

How does this affect my company?

Zoho CRM exampleYour company may already be using a CRM or combination of cloud solutions today, but many people are deciding to move to Zoho because of its affordable price point and its focus on data security/privacy.

Zoho Workplace, a relatively new offering, includes 9 applications allowing you to continue business on all fronts, all while working remotely. Greater than 25% of new Zoho Workplace customers came from GSuite or Microsoft 365.[4] Workplace was created to help businesses struggling during financial crisis such as what is occurring in 2020.

If your company is not using any kind of CRM or cloud-based business solutions today, Zoho is an even more attractive offering due to its affordability and ease of use compared to other similar standalone applications or suites.

Positive Results increases the value of Zoho for your company

Positive Results has partnered with many solutions to find value for our clients. In the CRM, Help Desk, Project Management and other spaces Zoho provides solutions, we find time and again that Zoho is able to fit the needs of our clients the best due to their aforementioned focus on security, affordability and ease of use.

Positive Results Zoho partnerPositive Results focuses on helping your company understand its business processes and how best those can be transferred into an application suite, like Zoho, where they can be put to optimal use.

With Positive Results as your partner in a Zoho implementation or update, we can help you think through all aspects of your business so that nothing is forgotten or left on the table. Once a plan has been created, our team can put that plan into action by setting up your Zoho suite ourselves to save time, providing training to your internal team so you can handle implementation internally, or a hybrid approach that implements and assists as needed by your business.

Final Words

Zoho’s focus on the customer through data security and affordability in its all-in-one cloud based solutions suite allows it to really help businesses in the SMB space. Positive Results is a Zoho Partner that can help connect the dots between your company’s business process on paper with how it would best work within Zoho.

If your company is interested in adding a CRM for the first time, or migrating to Zoho, or you have additional questions, contact us at:


Positive Results™ Custom Business Solutions




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