Why an HR app is important for your organization

Title image - Why an HR application is so important for your organization

Why an HR app is important for your organization

Matt Archer

April 27, 2021

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Manage Smarter, not harder

Human Resources should be the most valuable resources that your company manages, yet quite often companies’ HR departments are under-staffed and have a plethora of additional responsibilities, which makes it that much more difficult to fulfil their primary objectives of hiring, onboarding and employee assistance.

For example, 76% of HR leaders say onboarding practices are underutilized at their organization,[1] which can lead to workers being under-trained and disempowered in their positions. This may end up wasting your company time and money if the worker quits due to dissatisfaction, or is let go due to lack of production.

An HR software application (HR app) can help an HR department more easily manage both their primary and ancillary functions and provide more time for them to do what they do best.

As many as 80% of U.S. small businesses use HR software, or plan to use it in the next one to two years,[2] which shows that people are becoming wise to the potential benefits of an HR app in supporting their traditional HR duties. Now is great time to consider implementing an HR app to help streamline and simplify the many functions of your HR department.

Fix Gaps in your Organizational Structure

A high quality HR app is able to support the structure of your organization and make life easier for not only your HR department, but for your workers as well. Below are some important areas to consider when implementing an HR app to ensure it will meet the needs of your business.


Zoho People HR app workflowMany administrative tasks performed in the HR department are simple and repetitive, which makes them perfect candidates for automation.

By configuring those tasks to be performed by a computer automatically when required, you can save your workers time, and let them invest it in more important areas of their job.

Empower workers through self-service

Zoho People HR app dashboardSome HR apps allow you to let workers manage themselves, so they can mark their attendance, track time, manage tasks, and apply for time off. This will save your HR team members time and reduce human error that may occur from processing large amounts of data.

An added benefit is that these functions can usually be done from anywhere via a mobile version of the HR app.

Find and fix gaps in your current people management strategies

One powerful function that most HR apps provide is analytics, which allows you to review key HR metrics such as hours logged, and employee turnover rate. This can help your team identify gaps in training to help you improve efficiency and morale while lowering expenses.

Some HR apps take things a step further by offering built-in performance reviews and onboarding strategies to support workers through all stages of their employment journey.

Manage everything from one place

Most modern HR apps are managed within a single centralized service in the cloud, which makes it easier for workers to access and use.

Many HR apps also provide centralized messaging/chat features to simplify communication and collaboration within the department and company as a whole.

Zoho People makes HR Management a Snap

The Zoho People app is Zoho’s HR app offering. It provides the most important HR functions all in one place. Below are some of the features that Zoho People provides to support Human Resources functionality and that of your business as a whole.

HR Portal

Zoho People HR app portal

  1. Use the Hiring Portal to streamline your hiring and onboarding process
  2. Create custom workflows to automate simple tasks
  3. Keep track of workers’ task progress



Zoho People HR app timesheets

  1. Let workers log daily, weekly or monthly hours in their timesheet
  2. Approve timesheets and process payroll
  3. Schedule jobs in advance
  4. Invoice clients
  5. Create reminders for workers to complete tasks or send in their time logs


Case Management (Internal Issues)

Zoho People HR app case management

  1. Answer worker questions
  2. Manage requests and comments
  3. Assign work and track progress




Performance Reviews

Zoho People HR app performance reviews

  1. Manage performance reviews with an easy to use, collaborative interface
  2. Track worker competencies and set KPIs


Analytics and Reporting

Zoho People HR app analytics

  1. Intelligently report on important KPIs across the department
  2. Customize your reporting to monitor metrics unique to your business

Final Thoughts

Zoho partner logoPositive Results™ is a training development and cloud services company that works with organizations to analyze their business processes and provide solutions to resolve any gaps we find.

As a proud partner of Zoho, we believe that implementing an HR app like Zoho People is a major part of the solution to companies’ HR issues.

Using an HR app can lessen the burden on your HR department by streamlining administrative work, empower your people to take care of their own needs through self-management, and improve the competency of your workforce through analysis of important KPIs, all while saving your company time and money.



If you have additional questions or need support, contact us at:


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[2] https://blog.capterra.com/hr-digital-transformation/

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