The Hybrid Workplace is the Future of Office Work

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The Hybrid Workplace is the Future of Office Work

Matt Archer

July 6, 2021

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

hybrid workplace - work smarter not harderThere are several things companies can do to make their teams happier and more productive coming out of the pandemic, but few are more important than implementing a hybrid workplace. While a 100% work-from-home model used by many companies during the pandemic might not be feasible long-term, the restrictions of working solely from an office often led to employee burnout.

Being forced to work solely from home during the pandemic has, in some cases, made it worse, as the demands and distractions of family and domestic chores encroached on employees’ work time. Companies should strive to find a balance between office and remote work to satisfy all parties.

This is where a hybrid workplace fits in. It gives workers a choice to work where and when they need to so quotas are met, and workers are happy. This is something the pandemic has shown can work successfully while helping people feel more satisfied and productive.

While the hybrid workplace model might not be the right fit for every company, it can provide your team with an additional option when helping employees achieve work-life balance.

Dropbox is the Future of Hybrid Work

dropbox logo - hybrid workplaceOne concern companies often have about remote work centers around how employees are going to get their work done. As the past few years have shown, technology has evolved to allow remote workspaces to be feasible for many jobs and businesses.

Having access to the right cloud applications, such a Dropbox, has allowed companies to thrive while their teams work remotely. Dropbox is a document collaboration app that offers the ability to access your files from anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about time limits or location restrictions.

Upload a file to Dropbox from the office in the morning, then access it later that day when you get home. Fast, easy, efficient. This is crucial for those who want to maintain a work-life balance, and is ideal for the hybrid workplace model, which gives workers more control over hours and how often they work at the office.

Dropbox Protects your Data

dropbox security chart - hybrid workplaceAnother concern companies often have about remote work is security. They want to know that the private data their employees are remotely accessing is protected. To companies that still require a VPN connection to access work computers it may sound strange to say, but Dropbox is secure.

Their service provides an option for two-factor authentication, which means you'll need a second form of identification and SMS notification in addition to your password before you can access the system.

They also maintain multiple layers of security to protect data being transmitted across all of their infrastructure. This helps bring peace of mind that you can do your job remotely without worrying about unauthorized users accessing your data.

Final Thoughts

Positive Results™ is a training development and cloud services company that helps organizations by analyzing their business process and creating solutions to solve for any gaps we find.

We believe that a hybrid workplace should be a standard, not a luxury, in today’s society. As more companies start to bring employees back to the office, it’s important to keep in mind the benefits that a hybrid workplace can bring to both staff and the company.

We partner with Dropbox because they help us provide our clients the ability to securely work from anywhere, providing more freedom without sacrificing protection. This helps teams like yours find that optimal work-life balance whether at home or the office.


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