Remote Work Tools are a Requirement for Enterprise


Remote Work Tools are a Requirement for Enterprise

Matt Archer

December 15, 2020

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Remote Work is no longer the future. It is now!

Remote Work is hereThe philosophy of Remote Work has changed a lot recently, as companies have had to adapt to doing most of their work virtually instead of at a brick and mortar office. In many cases, companies may not be equipped with the proper tools for workers to do their jobs effectively in a virtual environment. This can impact all areas of the business, especially ROI.

The amount of revenue many businesses lose by not being able to function efficiently or function at all due to lack of virtual workforce tools can often mean the end of that company’s existence, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Thankfully, the tools exist to allow such a methodology to be employed effectively, but with the intangible unknowns of the future, being able to function virtually is no longer a choice, it’s a requirement.

There are three key areas that should be able to function virtually as your business becomes more flexible.

  1. Your Sales team should be able to fully function in a virtual environment.
  2. The Business Processes and applications supporting those processes should be adaptable to work virtually.
  3. Your Data security policies and applications should be updated to protect your cloud work environment, which is being accessed remotely.

Fully Remote Functionality

Your Sales team should be able to function remotely because they may have to travel to do their business or may not be able to work in the office due to extenuating circumstances. The Sales machine is such a vital part of most organizations that finding a way to have it continue to churn out new prospects and develop existing relationships is essential to helping your business grow and thrive.

Virtual Business Processes

In today’s world, your workforce needs to be able to get their job done in order to keep the clients happy and the revenue flowing. In many cases, that same workforce also needs to balance home life where they could be taking care of dependents or managing a chaotic household. By virtualizing your business processes and applications, you can give them the tools they need to keep going remotely, while structuring their work so they’re actually able to accomplish it.

Cloud Data Security and Accessibility

As your company shifts towards utilizing virtual applications, it’s also very important to understand and properly manage security in the cloud. Different levels of security and permissions apply when accessing confidential information from your home, possibly on a computer other people use, than when using an office computer on a secure local network.

Tools Make the Company

Remote Work toolsWe want to show you some tools that can be absolutely vital to virtualizing your business so you can get back to working with your clients instead of your infrastructure. Without the right tools, your team can’t do their job properly and even the best laid plans will likely fail.

One tool that has been instrumental for a lot of our clients is Zoho. With an all-in-one application suite that contains CRM, Support Desk, Project Management, Email Marketing, and more, Zoho allows small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to consolidate their applications to save time and money.

How Zoho can help virtualize your workforce

According to a recent survey, 41% of employees are likely to work remotely in a post Covid-19 world,[1] which means there are likely members of your own workforce who will want or need to continue working remotely in the months and years ahead.

Remote Work with ZohoZoho allows companies to work from wherever they want to keep all departments still able to be productive. Positive Results can assist with implementing and optimizing your Zoho apps (such as CRM, Support Desk and Project Management) to meet the needs of your virtual workforce. These implementations can include:

  1. Integrations
  2. Custom modules & Workflows
  3. Automation of many common processes to save workers time so they can focus on what’s important.


Being able to connect different applications together is a game-changer, especially for remote work. No longer are you stuck having to manually manage data between two or more systems. Zoho can be integrated with many other applications, such as you your Telephony system, which can be used to measure success through reporting on call times, amount of calls, etc.

Custom Modules & Workflows

Zoho can be greatly customized to fit the needs of your business. For example, CRM can be adapted through custom modules to fit your business process, or workflows that mimic your sales funnel, which can improve efficiency and help people know what they need to do, and when.


The more you can automate simple, repetitive processes, the more time your team has to focus on the more important tasks in front of them. Zoho has a lot of built in automation capability, which can help you not only optimize simple tasks to save time, but help keep your team in the loop for when they do need to take action.

Help Us Help You

These integrations are much easier when implemented by a team that has a deep understanding of the capabilities of the applications involved. Zoho is very user friendly, but also contains a deep architecture that most companies don’t take advantage of.

Positive Results can help your team implement the Zoho infrastructure, tailor it to your company’s needs and get your team up to speed on the functionality required for optimal usage.

Final Words

Remote Work final wordsWith the popularity of remote work continuing to increase, it’s important to get your enterprise up to speed so they can optimize their virtual workforce. Positive Results can help you to virtualize by analyzing your business process to determine gaps that need to be filled, update your existing framework to help to meet the requirements for virtual work and implement the best applications and training to assist your team to do their work as good, or possibly even better, than before.


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