How Mobility changes how we interact with apps and organizations

Title Slide - How Mobile changes the way people interact with applications and organizations

How Mobility changes how we interact with apps and organizations

Matt Archer

February 23, 2021

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Mobility has changed the way we live

Mobile technology has come a long way in the past decade or so. Almost everyone you see these days carries a smart phone with them to call, text, manage appointments, play games and more. It’s hard to imagine a world without mobility now, as it has become so ingrained in our society.

Because of this, a lot of society has adapted itself to cater to the ever-growing mobile market, which has changed the way we interact with companies, applications and even the basic tasks of daily living.

These changes have led to a lot of improvement across the cloud computing landscape because the accessibility of the internet and the mobility of the tools now allows for the potential to have simple, on-demand access to almost anything.

With Mobility comes Accessibility

Mobile offers a great deal of accessibility to users. You can find a lot of information quickly and easily, connect with people in a variety of different ways, and stay on top of tasks or goings on. As companies and applications continue to find new ways to optimize themselves for mobile, some key areas of improvement stand out as being particularly noteworthy.

Unified Communications

Mobility unified communicationsThe organizational and application level shift in response to mobility is most apparent in the sector of Unified Communications.

Simply put, unified communications is the aggregation of many forms of communication into one, easy to use place. In this case, that place would be a smart phone, where you can text chat with a colleague about a project, have a phone call with a client, host a webinar for prospects, and send an email to your manager about the upcoming quarterly review all from within the same app (such as the case is with Ringcentral), even if you’re nowhere near your office.

No longer are people constrained to sit at their desk phone to talk with others. They can be having meetings while in the check-out line at the grocery store (we don’t recommend doing that though), call up an associate with a last minute client briefing while parked right outside the client’s office, or take a quick photo of a remote location to send to their team prior to a meeting. The possibilities are nigh-endless.

Mobile Payments

Mobility mobile paymentsBeing able to pull out your phone to pay for nearly anything, anywhere in a quick and secure manner is a game-changer for many customers and small businesses. Almost anyone can create an account at popular mobile payment companies, allowing people to process payments for almost anything, anywhere.

No longer do you need to carry large amounts of cash in case you want to make a purchase from a smaller vendor at a stall or a mom & pop business down the street. Simply use the app to transfer the payment and you’re done.

Increased Speed

Mobility has opened up the doorway for increased efficiency across the board for many SMBs, as they cut back on time wasted needing to travel to a land line phone to make calls, a computer to edit/print document and other locations to procure services. As the internet becomes faster, this only multiplies the effect mobility has on how people use their smart phones to interact with the world.

Mobile allows users to take advantage of an entire suite of services that can all be utilized on their smartphone, allowing them to save tons of time/money in commuting costs, while giving them the freedom to go out and do what they need to do because their phone will be there with them when the time to act arrives.

Additionally, because smart phones generally has a smaller user interface that needs to be clean and easy to navigate, much of the cloud computing space has started to prioritize the user experience of their services. This has led to a decrease in clutter, an increase in clarity of understanding and a focus on ‘less is more.’ This helps users on mobile devices and traditional computers alike do things faster and simplifies what can sometimes be an overly complex experience.

Virtual/Remote Work from anywhere

Mobility work from anywhereArguably the biggest impact the expansion of mobile has had on business is the ability to work from anywhere at any time.

In the past, workers had to be stuck at an office in order to accomplish almost anything because there was no easy way to keep tabs on what people were doing outside the office. Now it’s easier than ever to keep track of your team and clients with mobile-optimized CRM applications like Zoho CRM, and collaborate on documents on your phone in real time through a solution like Dropbox.

Being able to work from anywhere has helped some businesses to stay afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic, and it’s due in large part of the prevalence of mobile.

Final Thoughts

Positive Results partnersPositive Results™ is a partner of multiple cloud solutions companies that have a strong mobile presence.

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We can help companies like yours optimize and customize existing cloud solutions to be both “mobile-ready” and tailored to your unique business process, so that you can be more successful while reaping the benefits of mobility.

If you need assistance in mobile-optimizing your current applications, or are jumping onto the mobile band-wagon for the first time, please consider reaching out to us. We’re happy to help.


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