Data Security Measures in Dropbox

Data Security Measures in Dropbox - data security picture

Data Security Measures in Dropbox

Dennis Kyle

September 24, 2021

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Why Your Firm Should Run a Dropbox Usage Assessment Today

If you are an Owner, COO, leader of IT, or someone who cares about your company’s data, you need to have a Dropbox Usage Assessment report developed for your domain.

If you are currently using file servers or cloud storage systems other than Dropbox, you might be surprised by how many people in your company are creating free Dropbox accounts using your company email addresses.

This is not an uncommon occurrence. When Dropbox hit the personal storage world by storm in the early 2000s, they gained significant user adoption and have been quick to reimagine their own business practices to meet the growing needs of business customers.

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As users in your company require powerful, reliable, and simple to use tools for sharing information with prospects, clients, and vendors, they often turn to Dropbox. Even more Dropbox accounts are being set up when your client or vendor is using Dropbox for Business and needs to collaborate with members of your team.

The good news is, Dropbox meets the highest standards for data security and data loss prevention. So, if some of your company data finds its way into Dropbox it is completely safe and encrypted.

Users are drawn to Dropbox because of its clean, easy to use interface and highly available tools to reduce the friction which often comes with other collaboration tools in the market.

Positive Results™ (with 15 years of experience in cloud software, and expertise in Document Collaboration) forged an Elite Partnership with Dropbox in late 2020. Dropbox has become a best-in-class business solution for Document Collaboration. While Positive Results represents other vendors in the space such as Microsoft, Google, and Box, Dropbox has emerged as a clear market leader.

Why Does a Dropbox Usage Assessment Matter?

In the assessment we help you look into four critical areas:

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  1. Knowing Your Users – the report clearly defines how many users with an email address at your domain have Dropbox accounts
  2. Sharing Data – the report shows you how much data is being shared externally from users using your domain
  3. Geographical Analysis – the report illustrates who has access to your data around the globe
  4. Recapture – the report helps you understand the amount of data that can be captured with a Dropbox Business account

Dropbox Usage Assessments are free for your company to obtain. Positive Results developed a strategy with Dropbox to create powerful reporting to help you assess opportunities to improve data security.

Our team of experts, can also help you evaluate your current Document Collaboration strategies, security initiatives and develop a plan to ensure your team is nimble, mobilized, and ready to work collaboratively.


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