CRM Boosts Sales and Efficiency with Ease

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CRM Boosts Sales and Efficiency with Ease

Matt Archer

December 29, 2020

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A Fantastic Return on Investment

CRM - fantastic return on investmentCustomer Relationship Management (or CRM for short) is a key component for any business that provides goods or services to customers. CRM applications that allow your employees to be able to connect with leads and manage that relationship all the way from prospecting to customer conversion and nurturing is critical.

Gone are the days of notebooks and post-it notes scattered all over a desk to keep track of prospects and clients. With the technology age in full swing, it just makes sense to use an available CRM application that can allow you quick and easy access to so many crucial data points about customers across any touch point you’ve ever had with them.

SalesForce, a leading CRM application business, has found that “79% of marketing leads are lost without a CRM in place.”[1] They mention that “the highest performing salespeople are the ones who embrace CRM and call themselves ‘power users,’”[2] which means they become deeply familiar with the application’s infrastructure and how to tailor it to meet the needs of their organization and customers.

Get More For Less

CRM applications provide the ability to more efficiently service your customers, which is game-changing because “55% of customers would pay more for better customer service,”[3] and this allows your company to save money on internal costs and potentially receive more revenue from customers just be implementing the right CRM application.

Investing in CRM deployment initially costs money, but the return on investment for doing so far exceeds the initial cost. According to SalesForce, CRM provides “Greater than 25% return on investment for marketing costs,”[4] which allows you to save money and time, but accomplish more through functions built into many CRMs such as workflow automation.

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Functionality at Your Fingertips

CRM functionality at your fingertipsBest in Class CRM applications offer a robust suite of tools to help your company stay ahead of the game. Key differentiators include: sales tracking, easy access to customer information and AI-driven features that even help you know the best time to contact customers and how they best respond to marketing.

CRMs also offer a strong reporting engine to track metrics and key data to better increase efficiency. From reports about your prospecting process, sales funnel and email marketing campaigns that allow for live updates on customer interactions, you can easily keep track of what’s working and what’s not. All of this can lead to higher customer retention. This is key because “The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5%–20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60%–70%.”[5]

Make CRM Your Own

The most important factor to take into consideration when implementing a CRM application is choosing the right one. This requires you to intimately understand your company’s business process, which is not always easy. Positive Results™ can help. Our organization helps companies like yours deeply understand their entire business process and walks them through the steps to choose and customize the ideal CRM application to meet their unique needs.

At Positive Results™, we often recommend Zoho CRM for our user’s needs. They are a leading application suite that contains many enterprise-ready apps such as CRM, Help Desk, Project Management tool and Email Marketing system all in one place. Zoho’s CRM application is user-friendly and allows for a great degree of customization to match your business process while also being affordable for your company to implement without breaking the bank.

Business has changed a lot in recent months, with so many people working from home. A CRM application allows for communication and data entry from any device, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. We don’t always have the luxury of walking to another colleague's desk and asking them if they called a client about something. CRMs allow your co-workers to enter data that you can see updated in real time, allowing you to stay on top of things.

Final Thoughts

Investing into CRM deployment is a fantastic return on investment for your business. It’s arguably one of the best ways to grow your business efficiently.

A well implemented CRM gives salespeople quick and easy access to prospects and current customers. It also allows for all other departments to access data that is used for reporting, customer retention, marketing initiatives, among other things.

Positive Results Zoho partnerZoho CRM and other top-tier CRM applications are designed to be customized and built around the specific business needs and wants of your company. As an authorized Partner of Zoho, Positive Results™ has experience in implementing CRM across many industries. We’re happy to have a discussion with you about what your processes look like and how to translate those into the CRM. That way, when the time comes to roll it out to all of your users, it is a good user experience and the amount of change management is mitigated.


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