An Important Email Marketing Element Often Missed

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An Important Email Marketing Element Often Missed

Matt Archer

December 22, 2020

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Colors Are More Important Than You Think

Have you ever sent out an email marketing campaign that flopped? Did you wonder what your audience didn’t like about it? You know your content is top notch, but something else about it might have turned off your client-base.

Marketing emails can look cheesy if the creator uses too many images, too vibrant colors, or too many eye-catching items in a small area. These same emails can look dull if the design has neutral/bland colors or little to no stimulating images.

Color and image use are powerful items to utilize in email campaigns, but they are a double-edged sword. Use the right designs to entice your audience to change from boring to interested, but don’t overdo it or they may become overwhelmed by the cornucopia of imagery and color in front of them, leading to many closing your email prematurely.

How does one strike that balance between too much and too little? It’s as much of an art as it is a science, but a big part comes down to understanding your brand and creating a color and imagery related to that brand, which your audience can connect to.

Establish a Brand Identity

Email marketing brandingIt’s important for your readership to identify what your company stands for and what it’s trying to convey in its marketing campaigns. Creating a Brand Identity is essential for this because they set the tone of your business.

Most large companies already have a brand that is instantly recognizable by the general public, but many smaller businesses may not have prioritized this aspect of their business due to lack of time or money. Brand Identity may seem low priority compared to other areas such as managing your goods/services and maintaining customer relationships, but creating a recognizable brand allows your business to grow beyond its current market and possible reach a state where it becomes instant recognizable by the public. This brand can then help lead to more customers, more demand and greater revenue to invest into the other important areas of your business.

Establishing brand colors is a big part of that identity, as are supporting items such as a slogan, logo image (which often follows the brand coloring) and other relevant material. The brand colors should be used in marketing emails so that it keeps the consistent feel that they are reading an email from that company and allows your customers to immediately think “this is an email from X and so it’s probably going to be like Y.”

Each brand is different, but once you’ve created or refined the colors and imagery you want to use for yours, it’s time to put them together into your marketing email campaigns to see how they work in practice.

Zoho Campaigns can Color

Once you’ve created your brand and have your marketing content ready to turn into a campaign, now you need to choose the best application for the job. Maybe you already use an email marketing application, but perhaps it doesn’t offer all the tools you need to craft the perfect creation.

Zoho Campaigns, which is included in the very affordable Zoho One subscription, is Zoho’s email marketing application. It has a powerful email campaign builder and multiple ways to get emails out to leads or clients. Zoho Campaigns also allows for intelligent reporting and gives users the ability to see marketing messages that went out to the person they are about to call for example.

Email marketing zoho email brand coloring guide

Zoho Campaigns’ drag and drop builder allows simple and quick building for marketing emails. There is a large selection of pre-designed templates will help give you an idea for how to construct your message using your branding. Because Zoho Campaigns allows for emails to be viewed on any device, it’s simple to ensure your carefully constructed campaign looks good no matter how it’s viewed. You have the ability to adjust images, color and much more quickly and easily.

Once you’ve created the perfect email template, we recommend performing A/B testing to see whether your current design or older design works better. As you determine which ones is more successful at driving engagement, you can scrap the losing template and create an updated version to put against the winner. As you keep doing more A/B testing, you’ll eventually find a template that scores high enough to use long-term.

Positive Results Brings Campaigns to Life

Positive Results Zoho partner

Zoho Campaigns is a robust application that provides a lot tools and flexibility to create anything from basic to very complex email marketing campaigns. However, as with most applications, there can be a lot to setting up a marketing application such as Campaigns. At a minimum, Campaigns should connect with your CRM so that current up to date information about your audience gets communicated between CRM and Campaigns.

As an authorized partner of Zoho, Positive Results™ excels in integrating CRM and Campaigns together and can work with your marketing team to set up Zoho Campaigns so that it is a huge success for your business.

Our team of experts can help minimize setup time and customize Campaigns to fit the exact criteria you desire. Additionally, we are able to provide consulting services to assist your design team with crafting the perfect email templates that score well with your audience.

Final Thoughts

With the power of Zoho Campaigns and the support of Positive Results™ we believe you can create the marketing campaign of your dreams and get the feedback your great ideas deserve.

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