CRM customized for your business helps you build meaningful relationships with customers and keeps your team focused

Zoho CRM and Positive Results delivers a complete customer relationship management system to oversee the entire life-cycle of your business. Prospect and Client management means more than just storing data.

It's about creating experiences, managing milestones in your relationships, and never forgetting to do what you promised while using the blend of human interaction and workflow automation.

  • Sales Process

    Keep your team in sync with a managed sales process. Therefore, allowing you to assess performance accurately across your teams.

  • Customer Communication

    Centralize communications with prospects and clients through templates customized for your business needs.

  • Lead Generation

    Achieve more by immediately having leads generated from websites and social outlets placed into your company's pipeline.

  • Automate and Track Follow-up

    Follow-up should easy, efficient, and timely. For example, sending a welcome email, scheduling a call, and posting an article can be done for you.

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Stop chasing down reports and get real-time reporting in your CRM. Therefore, there is no need to wait for people to update you.

  • Mobile Access

    Your access to data shouldn't be hindered by where you are located. With Zoho CRM, you can access data from anywhere and on any device.

Our Process for Helping You

  • Discovery

    We will meet for 50-minutes to understand your goals for a Zoho CRM project and better understand the needs of your company.

  • Demo

    You will experience a demo which focuses on the key points of interest and requirements you shared during the Discovery call.

  • Design

    We meet with your team to establish a blueprint for your project. It includes detailes of functionality needed, system customization, workflows, and integrations.

  • Develop

    Our team works on your behalf. We build the CRM to the specifications from the Design document. Your team will regularly Review and Test the system throughout development.

  • Deploy

    Your team will be properly trained on the system configured for your business. We ensure you have one or more internal experts who can support the CRM internally.

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