Workflow Automation reduces labor costs, improves performance, and makes complex processes easy to manage

Ease of Integration

Ease of Integration

Connecting your existing applications processes together is easier today than ever before due to workflow automation tools like Zoho Flow, Zapier, or API.

Powerful workflow automation made easy takes the burden of tedious task work off your teams hands and allows your systems to handle it for you.

Steamline Workflows

With all your workflows in consolidated, it’s easy to connect multiple flows together to remove redundancy and eliminate unnecessary pieces to increase efficiency.

Streamline Workflows

What use to take humans hours, systems accomplish in seconds. Learn more about how workflow automation can work for you.

Easily Monitor Workflows

Easily Monitor Workflows

Workflow management tools like Zoho Flow allows you to monitor workflows and address issues quickly and easily before they get out of hand. You can also test workflows ahead of time before launching them to ensure they do what you want.

Reporting and Insights

With a strong reporting engine that can be further customized to your needs, Zoho Flow and modern automation tools, give you a great deal of information to make better business decisions.

Reporting and Insights

Creating follow-up tasks, moving critical data from one system to the next, and even keeping in touch with clients can all be handled by systems today. Want to learn how?

Customized Workflows and apps

Customized Workflows and Apps

Create your own workflow and connect it to other apps to further customize towards your company’s unique needs.

The power is in your hands and as you see fit you can enable other users in the enterprise to build automation too.

Design Detailed Automation Processes

Many businesses have very specific use cases unique to them. Customize your ideal workflow using the power of Zoho's Deluge scripting.

You can maximize the power of automation when you couple together Zoho's entire award winning suite of products and the underlying low-code Deluge scripting language to make the most complex automations simple.

Design detailed automation processes
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