Project Management is Planning, Tracking, and Collaborating to ensure work gets done 'ON-TIME'

A quality Project Management tool helps everyone to move in the same direction

Looking For The Right Project Management (PM) Tool?

Project management is an easy process in theory but the hard part is keeping everyone on track to hit the all-important project "deadlines." Our team of experts can help you identify the right tool for:

Waterfall Proj Management

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Waterfall Project Management

Project Managment which has a clear beginning and end date. The steps are well defined and you know who needs to do what and when to complete it on-time.

Agile Project Management

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Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management provides a more iterative approach to projects. It is best for projects which are less structured and need regular feedback.

Task Management

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Task Management

Task Management is all that some companies need to realize their goals. Tasks are created, due dates set, and the work is completed.

There are an abundant number of cloud-based Project Managment solutions. Let our highly trained team help you find and implement the right solution for how you plan, track and get work done!

What Is Covered During the Assessment?

  • Project Management Approach

    We will assess your methodologies for project management based on Agile, Waterfall, and Task Management to help you identify the right option for you.

  • Collaboration Style

    Explore your style of collaboration and whether users are internal, external or blended. This helps you determine the best options for collaborative work.

  • Automation Assessment

    Automation is quickly becoming an important feature for some companies. Automation can be within the PM tool itself as well as the ability to create webhooks to other systems you use.

  • Resource Management

    Resource management is a crucial part of any successful project management initiative. Our team will help you evaluate how your human capital is used to get projects done.

  • Time Tracking

    Time tracking for some firms is critical. We will assess your need for time tracking for the purposes of time required for you to complete tasks or if you are needing to bill clients for time.

  • Budgeting

    Budgeting in Project Management is something that can take different forms. We will assess if you need invoicing, project based budgets, project forecasting, and other budgeting needs such as expense management.

  • Integration Points

    Business has evolved. It's no longer about just having a PM tool, now organizations want it integrated into their other applications. We will assess your needs to determine the level of integration required.

  • Prepare Demo

    Positive Results represents several platforms for Project Management. We are resellers and implementors. Our approach is agnostic, which means we only care about the tool that is right for  your needs.

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