Building personalized customer and prospect journeys is no longer a goal, but a necessity. Marketing Automation tools help you meet the need.

Manage subscribers quickly and easily

Manage Subscribers Quickly and Easily

Connecting with subscribers is important, but can become a tedious and time-consuming process. Automation allows you to create criteria ahead of time to manage a subscriber’s entire journey through your marketing funnel.

This empowers your marketing team to focus on targeted messaging rather than organizational and operational tasks.

A/B Testing to Find What Works

Many companies want to find out what things people like about their campaigns and what things they don’t. Use a deep A/B testing campaign to find out who engages with what parts of your messaging and how.

AB testing to find out what works

If you have been searching for a tool stack to which makes it easy to engage your customers, Zoho's Campaigns and Marketing Hub may be the answer to your needs!

Pre-designed and customizable templates

Pre-designed and Customizable Templates

Take control of your lists. Customize messaging based on the factors you want using features such as tagging, merge fields with a drag and drop editor. Creating has never been so simple, nor scalable.

Automate to Save Time and Money

Create simple workflows with triggers and conditions to automate tasks and processes that happen frequently to save time and allow your team to focus on the important marketing initiatives like strategy, messaging, and design.

Automate to save time and money

Telling your story use to be as easy as just finding someone to talk to. Today, you have to figure out how to become visible and relevant in a very cluttered social space. Want to automate this process?

Autoresponders to maintain client engagement

Auto-Responders Maintain Client Engagement

Ensure your prospects and clients know they’re being seen and heard. Create auto-responders to keep in touch with the client after they engage with your website, social outlets or email campaigns in ways you specify.

Dynamic Content Tailored to Each Individual

Not everyone in your target market may want to see your message portrayed in the same way. Utilize dynamic content to help personalize messaging to your clients and drive engagement based on what they like to experience.

Dynamic content tailored to each individual

Analyzing data isn't for everyone but awesome robots like doing it for free. We can help you build simple yet powerful analytics.

Social media increases influence

Social Media Increases Influence

With hundreds of millions of users, social media outlets have become a dominant platform of communication. Create campaigns tailored to drive engagement using common social media features such as rating, commenting and sharing.

Real-time Reporting to Learn and Grow

At Positive Results, we believe great data analytics leads to great decision-making. Arm yourself with a robust reporting engine that helps you see what’s working and where you can do better.

Real-time reporting to learn and grow
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