Document Management and Collaboration has evolved into POWERFUL platforms which improves your security, drives up productivity, and keeps your team on the same page.

Accessbility, Security, Flexibility, Collaboration and Ease of Use are the most sought after requirements by SMBs in Document Storage and Collaboration.


Accessibility from ANY Device

Your team should be able to access important files and data from their desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. The flexibility of cloud document storage systems like Box, Dropbox, Zoho Workdrive, Google Drive, and OneDrive provide the seamless access.

Furthermore, your collaboration tool and sharing of files should also be available through your common productivity tools like CRM and Project Management applications.

Simplified Security Management

Protecting your company's important data has to be a top priority these days. Managing the security of a traditional file server is often too much for small to mid-market companies and that's why even the largest enterprises have moved to cloud.

No More Worrying About Security Issues!

We understand your needs and the solutions we represent like Google, Microsoft, Box, Dropbox and Zoho Workdrive address your needs.


Flexibility Creates Happiness

Imagine marketing creates a new design but you do not have access to Adobe Illustrator. How can you preview the file?

An important client needs access to the latest version of a document?

A team member is in an airport and wants to show a presentation on their iPad during a meeting?

The proper cloud storage and collaboration system provides solutions to all of these challenges.


Gone are the days of not having the proper version of a file and updating a version that is already outdated. A centralized collaboration platform removes this worry from you and your team.

Give your team the ability to access all the files that are important to them while being able to effectively collaborate with team members on shared files within your enterprise.

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