Need to turn a process into an easy to use app? Have an idea to generate money but need an custom mobile app? Positive Results can help!

Zoho CRM and Positive Results delivers a complete customer relationship management system to oversee the entire life-cycle of your business. Prospect and Client management means more than just storing data.

It's about creating experiences, managing milestones in your relationships, and never forgetting to do what you promised while using the blend of human interaction and workflow automation.

  • Low Code, Visual Tools

    Spend less time programming and more time designing. Low code creates more efficiency and visual tools allow you to see what you’re doing as you customize each and every detail.

  • Customize For Any Device

    Design your own app on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Easily see what your app will look like to any of your team members or customers so you can get it just right.

  • Automation

    Create automations for tasks such as payments, workflows, notifications, approvals and much more. In the world of customized app development, you can automate anything.

  • Easy Migration of Existing Data

    Bring your data over from existing systems and integrate it into your own customized application. Now you have everything in one place doing exactly what you want it to do.

  • Deep Integration Support

    Want to connect an existing application you already use to save time and change management? Zoho Creator contains a robust library of integrations for almost any application.

  • User Management

    Control your internal team and client users access so they only see what they need, to ensure their journey is smooth, simple and streamlined.

  • Data Security

    Security of data is of critical importance in the modern digital age. Keep data safe, private and secure through application, field and user controls.

  • Extended Functionality

    Still not finding the output you need for your company's unique use case? Customize even further by integrating into the cloud through APIs, SDKs and widgets.

Our Process for Helping You

  • Discovery

    We will meet for 50-minutes to understand your goals for a Custom Application project and better understand the needs of your initiative.

  • Demo

    You will see several proof of concepts to help you visualize the potential of your application. During the demo, our team will point out capabilities within the system which apply to your needs identified during the Discovery call.

  • Design

    We meet with your team to establish a blueprint for your custom application. It includes details of functionality needed, system customization, workflows, and integrations. This blueprint is your key to a successful Development phase.

  • Develop

    Our team works on your behalf. We build the Zoho Creator application to the specifications from the Design document. Your team will regularly Review and Test the system throughout development. While low code platforms do present some restrictions from traditional custom development, your app will be beautifully created and functional.

  • Deploy

    Your team will be properly trained on the custom application developed for your business. We ensure you have one or more internal experts who can support the app internally. You can choose to manage the app moving forward or continue to have Positive Results support it.

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