At Positive Results, we can help your team work together seamlessly by implementing a project management system to enhance communications, transparency and accountability. No matter how you organize projects within your company, Wrike can be adjusted to fit your needs, including creating visual workflows to increase clarity and accountability to keep your team working on task and on time.


We will review your company’s preferred project management style and help adapt the Wrike platform to work for you. No matter if you need agile, waterfall or a different type of project management, we can find the best solution to enhance your workflow and increase productivity.


At Positive Results, we will help you:

  • Document your specialized workflows.
  • Determine the best ways to integrate Wrike into your current tools.
  • Create steps and processes to increase productivity.
  • Train your staff on how to manage all your projects with Wrike.


Wrike Capabilities:

Organize everything you need to complete your projects in one place. From time and budget tracking, project delegation, request forms, automation, approvals and communication, Wrike is a comprehensive project management solution. Wrike also allows for distributed teams to work together seamlessly with communication tools, proofing, dashboards, reports and activity streams.


Wrike can be adjusted to fit your company’s needs. Every organization manages workflows differently. We will review what is currently working and find a way to improve your profitability and decrease your workload by increasing project management efficiency with Wrike.


  • Enhanced integrations
  • Data protection
  • Role-based access with real time status updates
  • Custom fields and workflows
  • Visual dashboards
  • Communications
  • Building blocks

To learn more about Wrike and how Positive Results can seamlessly integrate the technology into your business, contact us today at 440.499.4944.