Training and Development

Training & Development

Turning Your Vision into Action

At Positive Results, we are committed to a team approach and have brought team training to 25,000+ professionals in the U.S. for 100+ companies.

Why Invest in Employee Training & Development

As your business evolves and becomes more sophisticated, it’s critical that your team grows along with it. Small to mid-sized businesses often seek our assistance when needing to turn vision, strategies and/or concepts into actionable steps for employees to implement. By introducing employee education around essential business processes, you will make a significant impact on efficiency.

Many companies are now recognizing the huge opportunity to use instructional design to grow their business. By designing training around essential business processes and methodologies, you will:


  • Keep your team productive, informed and on track
  • Make measurable improvements in employee performance
  • Help to avoid costly mistakes

Why Bring Our Instructional Designers on Board?

Our team at Positive Results is comprised of instructional designers who are also business professionals. We provide instructional support for the creation and execution of employee training and development programs, with a focus on sales, corporate strategies and internal processes such as customer service, finance and operations. Through our affordable instructional design solutions, small to mid-sized companies can benefit from faster-trained and more efficient teams, leading to greater profitability and expedited success.


In fact, most of our clients see marked improvements in team output and company profitability in six months or less, some in as soon as four weeks.

How it Works:

Employee training and development can be done through e-learning or instructor-led training courses. For enterprises with an extensive library of e-learning training, a learning management system (LMS) can help to manage and monitor on-demand training through an online portal. Some companies opt for a hybrid of live training followed by self-study e-learning courses to ensure comprehension, too. There are many opportunities for training. Explore the benefits and features of each.

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training has distinct differences from e-learning because of the presence of a live instructor. The instructor or subject-matter expert interacts directly with learners and provides immediate feedback or tutelage. At Positive Results, we can work with your firm to develop live training courses, including structure, content and interactive exercises.

• Creates immediate trainer-trainee engagement opportunities
• Greater opportunity for group discussions, peer to peer learning
• Improves applied learning experience
• Provides a higher level of retention
• Reduce cost of learning deployment for one-off trainings
• Builds personal relationships with team members
• Creates team building and collaborative environment
• Designed by instructional design experts

• Customizable learning exercises and role plays
• Breakout sessions
• Case studies
• Train-the-trainer programs
• Skill or “on the job” focus
• Learning experience gained through collaborative environment
• Confidential best practices
• Learning tools provided for take home, such as workbooks and learning aids

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Custom e-learning development is effective when you want to convert offline training into an online, self-paced learning module. We can work with your firm to identify processes and procedures that require additional training, extract the specific steps needed for effective employee implementation and develop an interactive online learning program.

• Develop stunning, interactive content
• Train your team onsite or remotely
• Allow for subject-matter experts to share their experience directly
• Perfect for process, procedure, scenario and/or interaction developmental training
• Easy for non-technical users
• Easy to update and offers quick distribution
• Formatted so everyone can view, including on mobile
• Trainees better understand their strengths & weaknesses and what to work on
• Scalable, affordable solution
• Designed by e-learning experts

• Games, animations, screencasts, quizzes, surveys and certifications
• Customizable templates
• Clear, crisp images and video
• Multi-level navigation and branching
• Animated annotations that highlight important points
• Embed live web pages
• Universally accepted standards (Podcast, Word, CD, HTML5 & Flash)
• SCORM, TIN CAN and AICC compliant
• Deployed with a LMS (learning management system)

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Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is the software solution to manage a catalogue of online training courses. For enterprises with multiple e-learning programs that want to create a more organized and personalized learning experience, a LMS solution may be appropriate. Learners log into the LMS with any browser and select the particular course they need to take. At Positive Results, we can help your firm create a university-style e-learning platform for ease in employee access to a wide variety of training programs.

• Works for any size organization
• Publish unlimited courses online
• Keep training on-site or downloadable to use from home or travel
• Track learner activities and progress
• Know when employees are ready for more responsibility
• Monitor compliance with course assignments
• Award professional licenses
• Easy for non-technical users
• Inexpensive
• Designed by curriculum experts
• Ability to charge money for a course with built in e-commerce capabilities

• Simple set-up and navigation
• Customizable
• Cross browser compatibility
• Secure web-based training platform
• Straightforward user interface
• Feedback mechanisms built-in
• Make quick changes and corrections to training
• Formatted so everyone can view, including mobile

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Want to Be a Thought Leader in Your Market?

Successful companies know that thought leadership is essential. Bring aboard subject matter experts and build learning within your company. We don’t just take ideas and say they are right; we question the methods, challenge viewpoints and find the best creative solutions for you.

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