Tools Integration Identifying, implementing and automating your business operations through technology solutions

Tool Integration

Identifying, implementing and automating your business operations through technology solutions

Run a Profitable Enterprise for Less

Cloud computing has become a popular alternative to bulky in-house hardware. Cloud-based applications can enhance nearly any operational function within a small to mid-sized business, including:

  • Centralized, secure file sharing
  • Organizing and optimizing your contact database
  • Automating sales and marketing communications


However, there are many services and solutions to choose from, some better than others, some multifunctional, some singular, and some that integrate with other critical functions and platforms. The challenge with cloud-based computing is knowing what’s available, what’s going to solve your specific needs and challenges, and what will work with, rather than compete against, other operational technologies already in place. Positive Results works with a wide array of cloud-based technology solutions providers and can help to identify the challenges costing you time and resources to identify which cloud-based solutions will work to best solve your needs.

Since 2005, Positive Results has been an early adopter of cloud-based solutions for our clients. We now have established relationships and partnerships with leading cloud tools to ensure our clients reach a new level of productivity at lower costs than many large enterprises.

Choosing the right tools for your business

Inexpensive Solutions that Make a Big Impact

Cloud tools can be a game changer for your business. Cloud computing offers flexible access to operational solutions and with lower costs. We refer to cloud solutions as “enablement tools” because they enable your business processes to work and function more efficiently. We can help you to quickly deploy our partner tools as individual options, or combine tools to create a greater impact. Positive Results takes your business processes to the next level by configuring the optimal cloud-computing solutions to meet your specific business needs.

Leverage the Leading Cloud Tools for Your Business

There are numerous cloud tools available on the market. This can make deciding on the right solution for your business nearly impossible. Positive Results has been offering cloud-based solutions for over a decade and can help you find the right tool to fit your needs. With the right tools and our unique customization, the time is now to start increasing productivity and eliminating costs.

A Few of Our Leading Cloud Partnerships

With our customized approach to cloud tool organization, you can see measurable performance gains by 4 weeks.

See how we can support what you have already accomplished.