You can’t work smart if your project management software is not working for you. At Positive Results, we will have a team review and assess your current workflows to determine whether Smartsheet is the right opportunity for your organization.


Smartsheet offers flexibility through their online tools that will help you organize, plan and execute your work more effectively. Smartsheet allows you to stay in sync with your entire team, assign tasks, view in a calendar and update from anywhere. Smartsheet uses a familiar spreadsheet layout to make it easy for anyone to get started. Avoid bulky systems and hunting for updates with the ease of the Smartsheet design.


At Positive Results, we will help you:

  • Define your unique workflow to increase efficiency.
  • Create Smartsheet templates for your unique workflow.
  • Help increase productivity with documented steps and processes.
  • Train your staff on how to manage all your projects with Smartsheet.


Smartsheet Capabilities:

Work smarter, not harder with by using Smartsheet as your project management tool.  Smartsheet allows you to coordinate with every department and create a seamless workflow. No other tool allows for the level of real-time collaboration and visibility available with Smartsheet.


Smartsheet is also one of the most flexible project management tools available. Smartsheet can be used to improve profitability through optimized workflows in your marketing, sales, IT, operations, development, service, management, support departments, and more. The addition of Smartsheet apps also allows your team to work together, even when they are apart.


  • Easy to understand design
  • Enhanced Integration
  • Pre-built templates
  • Free mobile apps
  • Visual schedules with calendars or Gantt charts
  • Simple task assignment and collaboration

To learn more about Smartsheet and how Positive Results can seamlessly integrate the technology into your business, contact us today at 440.499.4944.